This summer, Paragon Studio are thrilled to be joining forces with Camp Kerala, the original luxury camping festival, to create a beautiful gym on their magnificent glamp-site, alongside the world’s most globally renowned music festival.

Camp Kerala are well-known for providing their guests with a unique and personal experience, focusing on health and well-being, against the backdrop of chaos and festival-fun.  When invited, we jumped at the chance to support Camp Kerala on their mission in providing a calm and peaceful escape for their guests.  By creating a pop-up gym, guests will have a home-from-home experience giving them the opportunity to maintain their fitness routines throughout the weekend.

Every year Camp Kerala provide their guests with ‘back to reality’ bags at the end of their trip to ease them back into life beyond the festival.  With goodie bag gifts often ending up at the bottom of a drawer and long-forgotten, we wanted to contribute something meaningful that embodied our message and had the guests leaving the festival knowing their time on camp had created a positive impact.

At Paragon Studio, we are committed to putting back into the environment, each year we annually offset the carbon footprint of our equipment production in collaboration with our partners Yacht Carbon Offset, headed up by our good friend Rachel Goult, who has assisted us on many of our previous campaigns.  We thought the guests of Camp Kerala would be delighted to know that for every tent on site, we will plant one mangrove tree in the Mikoko Pamoja region of Kenya to offset the carbon footprint of their weekend stay.

Mikoko Pamoja is a 20-year mangrove reforestation project in Gazi Bay on the south coast of Kenya, that was validated in 2014 under the Plan Vivi Carbon Standard methodology, funding conservation and development through action on carbon footprint.  This restoration project hopes to reduce emissions by hundreds of thousands of CO2 per year.

At Paragon Studio, we are proud supporters of this fantastic initiative and look forward to continuing our work with our sustainability partner Yacht Carbon Offset in our mission to reduce our carbon footprint.

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