Wooden Plyo Box

Our 3 Side Plyo Box is designed for powerful workouts in a luxurious setting. It blends beautifully with the whole Paragon range, for complete unity within the gym.

Constructed with sustainably sourced wood, the Plyo Box finish is customisable by staining to offer a unique design.

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Product Description

The Paragon Studio 3 Side Plyo Box is made with high quality solid wood for a strong yet beautiful design.

Used for functional training, the 3 Side Plyo Box is a multifunctional piece of equipment which supports a variety of movements. Explosive jumps, step ups and upper body exercises can all be performed on each side. Its three possible height options of 20, 30 and 34 inches allows progression with training.

As with all of our products, clients can customise the Plyo Box. Our team can stain the oak to match the shade of interior joinery in the gym and throughout the property.

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Teak, American Walnut, Oak, Blackwood


544 x 750 mm
610 x 170 mm
610 x 544 mm

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Wooden Plyo Box
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