How we brand the end-plates on our Custom Dumbbells

custom dumbbells

There is no better way to personalise a home or yacht gym than adding a beautiful set of custom dumbbells.

One of the core elements of our value proposition at Paragon Studio is customisation; working with our clients and their interior designers to add an element of bespoke to each and every project.

Maintaining a good brand identity isn’t just for commercial facilities, and you will find often in luxury residential properties and onboard yachts that a unique monogrammed logo will appear on everything from towels and robes, to coasters and blankets, and even on the water-toys streamed off the back of a yacht’s swim-platform.

Our Diabolo Dumbbells have a flat end-plate at the centre, which is sunk into the end of the dumbbell due to the unique concave design. This is designed to protect the end-plate in the event the dumbbell is stood on its end; avoiding scratches. Therefore, this is the perfect surface to add your bespoke logo!

Our logos are added using a process called laser etching, during which a computer controlled laser removes tiny quantities of the micro-surface of the end-plate by vaporising it into gas. For laser etching to occur, the material must absorb just enough energy to melt its micro surface and make it expand.

The surface material left behind afterwards becomes darker, and these dark areas are what form the visible contrast to make your logo stand out. In order to melt 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, the temperature of the laser has to be set at between 1400-1450 degrees!

To set up the machine to make your custom end-plate we need you to send us your logo in either .EPS or .AI format. This allows our designer to convert it into a format which is compatible with our machine, and a proof is sent to you to check before beginning production of your custom dumbbells.

Here’s a video of our laser in action!