Our Latest Experiment with Flocking

custom gym storage

Today we have been manufacturing and testing drawer inserts for a bespoke campaign chest we have in development; destined for a yacht project.

These inserts have been covered in a soft microfibre material using a method called Flocking.

During flocking, an electric charge is passed through the base material which is coated in a type of adhesive. The static charge attracts the microfibres to the base which sticks to the adhesive and forms a perfect soft coating to protect the free weights in storage.

We love testing new production methods in the workshop and are always up for a discussion on innovative new ways to improve our products and come up with new ones.

As well as dumbbells, kettlebells will be stored flat in the drawers and have their own custom insert.

Here is a photo of that item and a sketch of what the chest will look like when it is finished.

custom gym storage