Diabolo Dumbbells

Our award-winning Diabolo Dumbbells are a result of almost 8 years of experience within the superyacht and prime property sectors; researching what makes the perfect dumbbell.

A truly “over-engineered” product – these custom dumbbells offer users unparalleled levels of customisation and unique features designed to enhance every training session.

Recently, we conducted a full Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) of the carbon footprint of these weights.

All dumbbell related emissions annually are offset plus 10%, meaning these are the world’s first Carbon Negative dumbbells!

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Product Description

Made exclusively in Stainless Steel or Aluminium Bronze, our Diabolo Dumbbells are at the forefront of product development in the weight training field and have some really unique features.

There is a common misconception that wooden dumbbell handles are are less practical for weight training and don’t offer sufficient grip; however this is not true.

When top quality cuts are chosen and finished with the correct products, wood offers a natural grip pattern through its open-grain and in addition has various antibacterial properties due to a substance called Lignin which is essential in binding wood fibres together. Wooden surfaces also dry incredibly quickly, and this dryness puts bacteria at a disadvantage and kills it quickly.

For the Diabolo Dumbbells, we have chosen a concave end disc design which allows the weight to be stood on its end without scratching the polished end disc. This feature was conceived with superyacht gym users in mind, as our experience tells us that weights that don’t roll are most popular at sea. This is also why we manufacture in Stainless Steel; as we know that keeping metal looking sparkly out on the water can be a full time job!

Lastly, you should pay attention to our unique flute design on the collars which join the handle to the end disc. We’ve repeated this design across our range as it looks beautiful, and also slots beautifully into our sea-secure range of weight storage racks.

Our range of products is available in any wood or metal finish you can imagine, so if you don’t see something you like on this page get in touch with our designers and we will make it happen for you!

(Registered Design Number 6194815)

Additional Information


Oak, Teak, American Walnut, Blackwood

End Plates

Brushed Stainless Steel, Bronze


KG (2kg or 2.5kg), LB

Set Type

5 Pair (2-10kg), 6 Pair (2-12kg), 10 Pair (2-20kg), 12 Pair (2-24kg), 15 Pair (2-30kg)

Handle Diameter

30 mm
(Distance between end plates 142 mm)

End Plate Dimensions

2-14 kg – 125 mm
15-30 kg – 150 mm

Nota Bene

These luxury free weights should be handled with care and, as with all weights, must not be dropped. Heavy impact against a hard floor surface could cause the wood handles to split, and misalignment of the central metal rod.

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Diabolo Dumbbells
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