Vluv Veel Luxury Exercise Ball

Introducing VEEL, the vegan leather luxury seating ball concept from VLUV.

Crafted from cutting-edge synthetic leather, meticulously fashioned from specially coated polyester fabric. Its texture mirrors that of open-pore leather, providing a tactile experience akin to genuine leather while offering the warmth and breathability of fabric.

Each VEEL package includes a bladder and a convenient hand pump for effortless inflation.

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– Crafted with specialized synthetic leather upholstery, built upon a robust yet breathable coated polyester foundation.
– Enhanced durability with double stitching, ensuring both space efficiency and safety.
– Combines ergonomic seating with back strengthening benefits.
– Enhanced stability with a sewn-in base ring, minimizing the risk of rolling away.
– Convenient one-handed transportation facilitated by a smart handle design.
– Available in two sizes to suit individual preferences.
– Inner bladder constructed from phthalate-free, anti-burst PVC material.
– Capable of supporting weights up to approximately 150 kg.
– Delivered deflated for ease of shipping and inflated effortlessly using the provided hand pump.
– Eco-friendly packaging: reusable cotton zip bag.
– German design protection ensures authenticity and innovation.
– Recognized as an “Ergonomic Product” by the IGR eV (Institute of Back Training Coaches).
– Handcrafted with care in our longstanding partner factory located in Hungary.

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Mud, Cognac, Elephant, Mocha


65cm, 75cm

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Vluv Veel Luxury Exercise Ball
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