About our in-room servicing visits

Gym equipment often is something that takes a bit of a hammering! During the course of your daily workout you are throwing it, hanging off it, punching it and sweating all over it.

We design all of our equipment primarily to be used and worked out with, rather than admired from afar; and therefore occasionally your kit can do with a little TLC.

That’s why we created our in-room servicing plan. It’s basically an opportunity for our engineers to attend your property and give your Paragon Studio equipment a little bit of TLC. This might include checking & tightening fastenings, refurbishing wooden parts and polishing metal components that have started going through their natural tarnishing phase.

Where natural materials are used to create items that are often used, there will always be a certain level of aesthetic ageing & wear that takes place. When we deliver you your new equipment, we will provide you with an extensive care and maintenance guide to ensure you are best prepared to ensure it looks beautiful for years to come. And when some extra attention is needed, booking an in-room service helps improve your kit even further, and gives us the opportunity to ensure you are getting the most out of your gym.