The inspiration behind our Diabolo Dumbbell

paragon dumbbells

Who remembers the Diabolo – the kids (and grown ups) toy that was controlled by two sticks joined by a stick of string? It’s certainly an iconic shape.

We’ve taken inspiration from the Diabolo and its form to create our signature line of dumbbells and other freeweights; all fully customisable with interchangeable handles, end discs and name plates.

We use marine grade stainless steel for our dumbbells to ensure they are suited to even the toughest of gym environments.

Sitting astride our specially designed horizontal dumbbell rack these weights are secure for transport at sea onboard a superyacht and ready for use at a moment’s notice.

But how does the Diabolo come into play? We’ve drawn on the concave end profile to ensure our dumbbells can be stood on their ends when not in use at sea to prevent rolling, but crucially without scratching the polished end plates – which don’t touch the floor as they are sunk into the disk.