Meet Chris, our Lead Product Designer

The projects we work on at Paragon Studio are usually complex, especially within the superyacht and prime residential sectors.

When we began our search for a Lead Product Designer back in 2021, we needed someone who both understood these industries and came with the creativity to design bespoke products that were both functional and beautiful.

Luckily, we didn’t need to look far.

We first worked with Chris Lane when he was designing a concept yacht for his final year project at University. Chris had the foresight to reach out and request our input into a wellness area he was working on for the vessel.

Once the design was completed, it went on to being a finalist in the prestigious Boat International Young Designer of the Year Award 2020. He was the perfect fit for Paragon Studio!

Chris has been part of the Paragon Studio project from the beginning and has worked with the team to develop the collection significantly since then.

So, where does one begin with designing products for a completely new brand? Chris explains:

“Going into the initial design phases with a pretty open brief to make a family of gym related products with a beautiful, classic aesthetic with a focus on premium quality, was for me a dream. As a result, I tried to create an aesthetic that was reflected across the range, meaning each product could both stand alone in a space or perfectly marry up to any of the other products in the family to create a gym space that was harmonious and fitting.”

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box at Paragon Studio, creating gym equipment that is bespoke, beautiful, functional and sustainable. We take on any challenge that our clients may request for their unique pieces. For Chris, he looks for inspiration in everyday life when designing the Paragon Studio collection.

“Inspiration often comes from the most surprising of places. As a creative thinker, a walk through the park or woods could inspire creative thoughts, or alternatively a product from a completely different sector could spark a new and initiative idea which could then be applied to the health and wellness sector. As a standard rule however, I usually draw inspiration from industries such as furniture design and architecture as well as forms in nature. The initial phase often consists of multiple designs from “mild to wild”, which in the next phase is further considered and developed to be narrowed down to a more concise direction.”

Superyacht Gym

Alongside product design, Chris also creates 3D gym designs for client projects. He recently completed a superyacht concept purely focusing on the wellness area, a growing trend within yacht design as owners and guests now focus more on their wellbeing.

For this superyacht concept and all wellness areas, Chris explains how he approaches each project.

“I’ve always believed that wellness is heavily influenced by a healthy mentality, whether it be the endorphins pumping around the body after a heavy sweat session, or the relaxation from a spa or massage. One thing I believe connects people to a primitive instinct of wellbeing is a connection with nature and its elements. When designing a wellness space, I believe it’s important to bring in as many of these nature aspects as possible, whether it’s running water in the form of a spa, focused, and considered lighting to set a mood, or involving natural quality materials. This was a main focus when designing the Paragon Studio range, I wanted to ensure we had a strong presence of high-quality woods throughout to aid the connection to nature.”

Looking back to the earliest initial concept drawings, and seeing how far the range has come; its clear we have already undertaken a huge journey with Paragon Studio, and our Lead Product Designer Chris has played a crucial part in this!