Why our Dumbbells have Concave Ends

paragon studio diabolo dumbbells

The light in this photo captures spectacularly the unique concave construction of our Diabolo Dumbbells.

But why concave?

Over the years our gym design team have worked with plenty of superyacht owners, who have expressed a frustration that there are no “beautiful” dumbbells that are suitable for use at sea, as round weights tend to roll around the gym even in the calmest of anchorages with the yacht’s stabilisers working.

By adopting a concave end plate design, we have solved this problem as the weights can be stood on their ends when not in use.

Additionally, setting the logo plate into the end by a few millimetres keeps the disc from being scratched by microscopic particles on the gym floor – preserving the polished finish.

Design led by function, with form built around the function, is an approach to product development that we have adopted for our entire range – and is inspired by some of the great British design brands such as Aston Martin and David Linley ??